Importer of Record In Egypt

Egypt IOR as Importer of record service provider with years of experience in high tech logistics. Helping companies simplify their IT infrastructure in Egypt, We make global IT projects simple

The Importer of Record (IOR) is the legal entity responsible for making sure that all shipments comply with destination country laws and regulations.

Why choose our IOR service in Egypt?

Trade compliance partner in Egypt

Egypt IOR will assess compliance to define import restrictions in Egypt. Including permits and certifications needed (e.g., import licenses), how long the process takes, what taxes and charges apply, etc.

Licensed custom brokerage

Simplification of shipments customs clearance – Egypt IOR is a licensed customs broker with highly efficient and experienced staff.

Cost saving

Egypt IOR will save customers the costs of establishing legal entities in Egypt with our IOR service. Including office and warehouse rent or purchasing, staff salary, salary taxes and hardship allowances. By serving as an IOR service provider, we end the need for our customers to do so themselves.


Our Main Concentration Lies in Building Long Term Relationships with Our Clients. That is Why Here at Egypt IOR, We Offer the Lowest Prices for the Best Services.

Our Services

Importer of record (IOR) in Egypt

We Take Pride in our World-Class IOR Service in Egypt.

Exporter of record (EOR)

An exporter of record is in charge of the entire export process from the country where the product is leaving. Visit our page for more info

IOR for Saturated E-Commerce Marketplaces from Overseas.

In Egypt, E-Commerce IOR Service for a wide range of goods. Ranging from electronics and equipment to fashion accessories.


With our Delivered Duties Paid solution, Egypt IOR simplifies the distribution of IT hardware. Request a quote now.

importer of record in Egypt

The term “Importer of Record” is a customs term. When a supply chain requires the trade of goods along all international borders, often these countries borders require your company to have a local business or legal representative to handle the international trading transactions.

The importer of record (IOR) is regularly the owner or buyer of the goods imported, but if the end-user prefer not to involve in the process of getting the goods there, the IOR service provider may also be a authorized representative or legal entity in the destination country.

Our IOR solution includes obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, as well as paperwork and compliance inspections. Customs clearance. If necessary, freight. All customs and charges are prepaid on your behalf. Carry out the final mile delivery to the end customer, tracking information, storage services.

The exporter of record is the agency or organization in charge of making sure that all exported goods abide with the destination country local and global export regulations. The EOR service provider is responsible for following the customs clearance process in that country for the export. This requires gathering all required export paperwork, such as permits and licenses as well as ensuring a clear and accurate description and price of the exported goods. If a forwarding agent involve in the transaction, an EOR service provider must also send specific info about the shipment to them.
Please check our exporter of record page for more info.



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