Importer of record IOR service for E commerce.

Importer of record IOR service for E commerce.

Importer of record IOR service for E commerce.

Great job on taking the first step toward global shipping for your e commerce business. This is a major accomplishment! Moreover, there are so much terms, concepts and regulations to browse. You might need an importer of record IOR service provider to assist you to complete this celebration. 

We Provide Thorough E-Commerce Importer of Record IOR Services for a diverse range of goods in Egypt. Including Electronics and Equipment, Fashion Items, Clothes and shoes, and a Number of different of Retail Goods. 

Egypt IOR is your Trustable Importer of Record for E Commerce.

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What Exactly Is An Importer of Record IOR?

An Importer Of Record (IOR) is the person in charge of the products once they get in the new destination. Once imported products arrive at a non-resident country’s customs, the IOR service provider deals with customs to document and value the items and duties, and tariffs.

Who Can Act As An Importer Of Record?

Any tax registered agency in the new destination can qualify as an IOR service provider. 

What we do as Importer of record IOR: 

  1. Obtain all required import licenses and permits.
  2. At the point of import, act as an importer for customs declaration.
  3. Prepare reports for Customs, and tax, as well as be in charge of legal compliance and inventory registry. 
  4. Conduct a compliance evaluation.
  5. Pay all applicable export and import taxes and duties.
  6. Keep records for the amount of time required by the customer and law.
  7. f the customer wants it, offer storage and warehousing facilities.

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What Is the Process of  IOR solution for E-Commerce?

Egypt IOR allows you to ship goods into countries where you do not have a tax registration or import license.  We can send your goods to customers on the other side of the planet. 
We manage all of your documentation, and regulations with our IOR solution.

The Importer of Record is aware of the various taxes and fees that apply at foreign ports of destination. They furthermore understand all of the scenarios and terms and conditions in which a company can receive a reduction in the amount of taxes it must pay. Furthermore, e commerce retailers are frequently required to tax their foreign products. 

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