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What is an Exporter of Record?

An Exporter of Record (EOR) is the party responsible for ensuring compliance with export regulations and documentation when shipping goods from one country to another. The EOR manages the necessary export paperwork, licenses, and declarations, ensuring that the goods meet all legal requirements for export. They play a vital role in facilitating the smooth and lawful movement of goods across international borders, ensuring compliance with customs and trade regulations.

What is an Exporter of record?

Exporter of Record Responsibilities

The responsibilities of an Exporter of Record (EOR) include actively managing export compliance, documentation, and regulatory requirements. They ensure that the exported goods meet all legal and regulatory standards, handle export licenses and permits, complete export declarations, and oversee the proper filing of export documentation. The EOR actively maintains accurate records, adheres to trade restrictions, and facilitates the smooth and compliant exportation of goods from one country to another.

Who can be the Exporter of Record?

The Exporter of Record (EOR) can be the seller, manufacturer, or any party involved in the export transaction who assumes the responsibility for ensuring compliance with export regulations. It can also be a designated agent or a specialized third-party service provider. The EOR is typically the party actively involved in managing export documentation, licenses, and regulatory requirements, ensuring the lawful and smooth exportation of goods from one country to another.

What is the difference between shipper and exporter?

The shipper refers to the party responsible for physically packing and arranging the shipment for transport. They prepare the goods, handle packaging, and coordinate logistics. On the other hand, the exporter is the party responsible for complying with export regulations and documentation and ensuring the legal exportation of goods. The exporter manages export licenses, declarations, and regulatory compliance. While the shipper focuses on the physical aspects, the exporter handles the legal and regulatory aspects of exporting goods.

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