Most frequent questions and answers

Importer of record services allows you to legally import equipment, goods, etc. into any country; no matter what’s your customer’s or company’s status; we protect your company legally and be your customs broker, freight forwarder, and importer.

Exporter of Record it’s a service that handles all of the documentation and pre-transit processes that are essential to ship items or products out of the country to any destination.

IOR takes an essential role by taking the commitment of all the required process as well as taxes right up to delivery. The whole process is official and fixed by law.


Importer of Record helps customers comply with all obligatory rules and actions for cooperating with the country you desire. Additionally, by these services it helps client to export guarantee stock to other countries.

At EGYPT IOR we handle processes easily and clearly for our customers. We take care of the whole process so you do not have to get involved.

  • Import license requirements: Documentation compliance checks, import permits and licensing
  • Customs Clearance: Clear shipments through the relevant customs channels
  • Freight where IOR Africa are required to perform it
  • All customs charges and levies pre-paid on your behalf
  • Perform the last-mile delivery to the end user
  • Shipment status reports
  • Storage solutions

To issue a quote we require the following details:

  • Your company name and address
  • Product code, description, quantity, value
  • HS code and / or ECCN Number
  • Weights & dimensions of the package if available
  • City and Country of delivery.

All shipments require a commercial invoice, packing list and a datasheet for the products being shipped. For some countries we may require more documents depending on the procedure. All documentation requirements are pre-listed on our quotations.

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