What is Delivered Duty Paid DDP in shipping terms?

What is Delivered Duty Paid DDP in shipping terms?

What is DDP in shipping terms?

Delivered Duty Paid is a rule developed by the International Chamber of Commerce that is commonly used in worldwide trade. DDP is an abbreviation for “Delivered Duty Paid,” it refers to a shipping agreement between a worldwide shipper and recipient. When shipping products under this term, the shipper assumes charge of the entire cargo until final delivery. Partnering with Egypt IOR eliminates all of the dangers and obligations that come under the DDP shipment.

DDP is typically applied by a customer who does not wish to enter into any type of shipping contract with any entity. This enables them to enroll the services of a third party to carry all associated responsibilities.

When an organization uses Egypt IOR DDP services, we handle on all the responsibilities and risks associated with transporting products to the destination. Clearing the goods for importation and exportation, pay any duty for both importing\ exporting and take out all customs procedures.

In DDP shipping, Egypt IOR assumes complete responsibility for delivering products to the purchaser at the delivery point. We provide a thorough DDP service, from compliance to final delivery, including our professional Importer of Record IOR solution.

What is the purpose of Delivered Duty Paid DDP?

  • To secure the buyer

Because our IOR solution will bear all of the risk and expense of transporting goods. Our customers aren’t going to stress about completing paperwork incorrectly or failing to follow strict shipping guidelines. They can relax and let us handle everything for them.

  • To guarantee cross-country delivery security

There are numerous issues that may occur when importing or exporting across the globe. Each country to which we import and export has its own transportation, taxes and duties, and shipping charges. Our DDP service ensures that your shipments are only delivered via a safe and secure network, ensuring on-time delivery

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