Importer of Record and Exporter of Record Services

Simplifying international trade in import and export processes is our primary goal. We specialize in providing Importer of Record, Exporter of Record, Delivery Duty Paid, Importer of Record, Return Merchandise Authorization, and Saturated E-Commerce Marketplaces from Overseas, ensuring a hassle-free and time-saving experience for our customers.

Our extensive understanding of import laws, local regulations, and customs sets us apart. We offer IOR, EOR, RMA, IOR for E-commerce, and DDP services to customers without a legal entity in the countries.

importer of record

Importer of Record

Choosing an IOR Solution is suitable for getting an effortless importing experience that includes customs clearance, import compliance, handling licenses and permits, and payment of duties and taxes – ensure that your shipments will arrive in the country of importing safely and on time.

Exporter of Record

Choosing an EOR Solution is suitable for a cost and time-saving exporting experience that includes export compliance, customs clearance, handling documentation, approvals, exporting licenses, and permits – ensure that your shipments leave the country of exporting on time.

Exporter of record (EOR)
Importer of record for Saturated E-Commerce Marketplaces from Overseas.

IOR For E-commerce

E-Commerce Importer of Record IOR Services in Egypt. Egypt IOR is a dependable source for your E-Commerce Importer of Record (Amazon IOR, Noon IOR, Etc…).

Delivery Duty Paid

Choosing a DDP Solution ensures a trouble-free importing and exporting journey, encompassing shipping coordination, transportation, customs clearance, and duty payment. Rest assured, your international trade will proceed seamlessly.

Exporter of record (EOR)
Importer of record for Saturated E-Commerce Marketplaces from Overseas.

Return Merchandise Authorization

Choosing an RMA service ensures streamlined efficiency for returning, replacing, or repairing telecom products and allows customers to return tech products to the manufacturer when facing issues, such as malfunctions or receiving defective items.


The Importer of Record service is crucial for businesses involved in international trade. It ensures compliance with import regulations, manages documentation efficiently, and assumes legal responsibilities for the imported goods. This service acts as a reliable partner, reducing risks and facilitating a smooth customs clearance process.

The Exporter of Record service holds significance in the exportation process. It manages compliance with export regulations, handles necessary documentation meticulously, and takes on legal liabilities associated with the export of goods. Employing an EOR service ensures a seamless and lawful international shipping experience.

The Delivery Duty Paid service is instrumental in international transactions, especially for e-commerce businesses. It ensures that all duties, taxes, and fees associated with the shipment are paid upfront by the seller, offering a hassle-free experience for the buyer and reducing the risk of unexpected costs upon delivery.

The Importer of Record (IOR) and Exporter of Record (EOR) services differ in their roles and responsibilities. IOR primarily focuses on importing goods, ensuring compliance with regulations, and handling documentation for incoming shipments. On the other hand, EOR concentrates on the exportation process, managing compliance, documentation, and legal obligations for outgoing shipments.

The costs of these services can vary based on factors such as the complexity of the shipment, the destination country, and additional services required. It is advisable to consult with service providers for customized quotes that align with specific business needs.


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