Importer of Record services for technology hardware

Importing technology hardware is not the same as importing any other product. For every country follows its own trade regulations. Moreover, technology hardware is expensive, and delicate. If any problem occurs during the shipping or import procedure, it will take a significant amount of time and resources to send spare part hardware, and that is why you need to hire an importer of record. 

Egypt IOR provide IOR service | EOR service | DDP & DDU services for customers throughout the entire IT industry. Our competitive trade compliance solutions make sure that your project, no matter how big or how small, goes smoothly and that your high tech products are imported lawfully, and on time.

Egypt IOR has a customized solution for you, from distributor to manufacturer, our customers vary from global name brands to final consumers and everybody in between. Our expertise and knowledge make it simple to ship high-value IT equipment. We take care of all of it, along with import or export compliance. Our solution is perfect for importing dual use IT equipment or datacentre resettlement. 

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Our technology hardware customers:

As mention previously our customers vary from global name brands to final consumers and everybody in between. Here are some examples of the types of IT and technology customers that can benefit from our IOR and EOR services. 

  1. Manufacturers:
     We help manufacturers enter the international market. fresh manufacturers don’t have presence in the countries they import to. Our IOR solution enable them to run a business in all marketplaces without being concerned about the import procedures and complexities.
  2. End user :

     The end user of goods may obtain various items from various companies, but lack the in-house skills to handle the procedure. As a result, Egypt IOR are available to reduce the burden of importing, allowing the end user to concentrate on the current project.

  3. Distributers: 

    Distributors will often provide options that include services and goods from multiple manufacturers. The the need to deliver these items into various countries without having to involve the end consumer in the import process can be a part of the overall additional value to the service. 

  4. Freight companies who are unaware with regional and global it hardware import regulations:
     Logistics companies understand how to physically transport goods from one location to the next. However, relocating technology hardware into a foreign country is more challenging than just comprehending the physical aspect. If you are importing or exporting to a country that is not one of of the open markets, an Importer of Record provider can assist you with the preparing documents and customs clearance. You may also be able to manage your own freight further into country of destination and afterwards hand off responsibility to the Importer of Record, vary based on the IOR provider. 
  5. Global companies in charge of assisting offices and data centers: 
    Shipping hardware to global locations is a simple way for global corporations to endorse their global offices. When importing or exporting into open markets such as the United States, Canada, and the European Union, you do not need to appoint an Importer of Record since they generally have business entities in those countries. Importer of Record services allow IT leaders and purchasing teams at global corporations to procure equipment in the United States and deliver the product it to their global offices without being concerned about local requirements, and regulations.
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